White Label Branding – WordPress Plugin

With the latest version of White Label Branding Plugin you have the ultimate tool for customizing WordPress admin and your login screen. You can add new capabilities for specific user Roles and you can even create a “fake” Administrator account. White Label Branding WordPress Plugin Free can be used if you want to give your clients “admin” access, but still limit what they have access to. You can also use the new White Label Branding WordPress Plugin Nulled Administrator feature, which we recently added. This will allow you to hide elements for other Administrators. Simply add the username of the Administrators that should be able to view all elements of wp-admin. White Label Branding WordPress Plugin Features Enable Branding Add your own Favicon Add you own Header Logo Set custom height of header area Add Developer Logo (Footer) Add Developer Name Add Developer URL Remove “WordPress” from title Hide update nag message Hide update download link Hide Contextual Help Hide Screen Options Hide Favorite Actions Set custom From Email Address